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Welcome to DIY CNC

Xtreme Precision Engineering Ltd

We offer a wide range of electronic and mechanical products for the DIY enthusiast to build, convert or modify a manual lathe,router,milling or Plasma machine to CNC operation.

We specialize in low cost ready built electronic cnc products and complete enclosed systems available in Kit form. All our boards come with complete manuals which are also available on our web-site. We offer products for enthusiast and mechanical engineers designed to be as straightforward as possible to connect and implement. To complement our kits there is a range of electrical / mechanical products and materials available.

Browse our Web site for more information about our designs and specifications. There is also information, charts and links to other useful sites electronic and mechanical.

About Us

DIY CNC is a small mail order company that offers high quality products at affordable prices. We specialize in electronic Kit’s used by many amateur and professional CNC enthusiasts in the U.K and abroad. From the Video pattern generator kit back in 1999 to the latest CNC products today we have endeavored to keep improving standards and performance.

We addressed the new RoHS regulations back in 2004 and are always upgrading and improving our designs. To date with over 1000 kit’s and ready built units sold we still have 100% customer satisfaction. Over twenty years in the electronic design industry and 10 years designing and selling video and CNC products with commitment to high standards and value for money.

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